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Lesson Thermodynamics Processes

1. An engine bought by an engineer rated a transfer of 5,000 J of energy from a hot reservoir during one cycle and dissipated 3x10³J. Find the efficiency of the engine.

2. A particular heat engine has a mechanical power output of 5.00 kW and an efficiency of 25.0%. The engine expels 8.00x10³ J of exhaust energy in each cycle. Find (a) the energy taken in during each cycle and (b) the time interval for each cycle

Two point charge Q1 and Q2 are 3m apart, and their combined charge is 20micro coulumb.

(a) if one repels the other with a force of 0.075N, what are the two charges?

(b) if one attract the other with a force of 0.525N, what are the magnitude of the charges?

Which of the following is not true for electric fields/lines?

A. electric field lines around a negative charge point toward the charge

B Electric field lines are bent when charges interact

C Electric fields always surround neutrons

D Electric fields always surround positive charges

2. An object of mass 10 kg is whirled round a horizontal circle of radius 4 m by a revolving string inclined to the vertical. If the uniform speed of the object is 5 m/s, calculate:

(i) the tension in the string

(ii) the angle of inclination of the string to the vertical.

Two charges q = 6 µC and q2 = +10 µC are placed 12 cm apart. Another charge, q=2 μC is placed in the middle. Determine the magnitude and direction of the force acting on qs by the charge qi and 92.

the car takes 3.6 s to travel from B to C. In the space below, draw a velocity-time graph to represent the motion of the car between A and C

Find the sum of A = 3i + 4j -5K and B = -i + 2j +6z

Data required: G = 6.67 x 10-¹¹ N m² kg-²

mass of the Earth = 6.0 x 10^24 kg radius of the Earth = 6.4 x 10^6 m gravitational field strength close to the surface of the Earth is 9.8 N kg-1 15

1.) What is the gravitational potential energy of a 60 kg student on the surface of the Earth? What then, is the minimum energy that would be required to get this student completely out of the Earth’s gravitational field?

2.) You’re in the design of mission carrying humans to the surface of the planet Mars, which has a radius of 3.38 x 106 m and a mass of 6.24 x 1023 kg. The Earth weigh of the Mar’s lander is 39,200 N. Calculate its weight and the acceleration due to Mar’s gravity at 6.0 x 106 m above the surface of Mars.

Suppose the distance in question 1 is tripled. What happens to the forces between the two objects

Suppose that two objects attract each other with force of 16 units. If the distance between the two objects is doubled, what is the new force of attraction between the two objects

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